PowerDocks is the product of a collaboration between two partners: Chris Fagan and Anthony Baro. Both gentlemen are established entrepreneurs who own and operate American companies in Southern New England. For the past ten years, Chris Fagan has been running an architectural firm, Fagan Design Build Studio, specializing in sustainable design-build services for both the residential and commercial sectors. Anthony has been the owner/operator of E2Sol, a renewable energy development and engineering company, for the last eight years. His company facilitates large scale solar, wind and hydroelectric energy projects.


Fagan and Baro met in 2015 on a new green commercial development. Fagan provided the designs for a new commercial building while Baro engineered a roof mounted solar array for the project. The two ended grabbing a coffee and quickly discovered that they had many similar interests, especially a passion for design and a great appreciation for the ocean environment. A few more meetings, even more cups of coffee, and PowerDocks was born.

Baro jokes that the company really started with ​his wife's ​desire for cold,  happy hour drinks​ on the boat​, in the hot summer. Specifically, Anthony was looking for a way to​​ run ​his sailboat's ​refrigerator while on his mooring and not drain his sailboat’s battery​ system​. Quickly Baro and Fagan ended up sketching out some basic ideas for a floating dock ​system with integrated solar and battery storage. Hopeful with their first idea they turned their focus to the larger marine industry and found that electricity, by and large, was still being provided by fossil fuel in the way of the traditional onshore power grid or large gas powered generators. This was interesting to the duo as they are both lifetime watermen and have seen for themselves that marine propulsion was beginning to move away from traditional fossil fuels and into electric powered engines. Despite the industry trending away from fossil fuels and into electric, it was clear that nobody had established  a dynamic method to recharge while on the water.

As the two explored the current state of the marine industry they kept coming back to the same question: Can we design a viable commercial system that would allow boaters to recharge vessels without having to tie back into the traditional power grid? They wanted to design a floating micro-grid for individual boaters. The desire to bring this idea to life was the catalyst which formed their partnership and they quickly moved to into patenting, designing, prototyping and the eventual commercialization of the their designs.

The History of Blue Isles by PowerDocks

● Exhibits at ANTX 2018 - Newport, RI - Aug 29-31 2018

● Attends Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NMOC) Day - Gulfport, Miss - Aug 22 2018

● Exhibits at the Newport Stopover of the 2018 Volvo Ocean Race - Newport, RI - May 8-20 2018

● Wins 2018 Innovation of the Year at the International Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Show - Amsterdam, NE - June 29 2018

● Exhibits at the 2018 International Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Show - Amsterdam, NE - June 27-29 2018

● Attends Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (Cove) Halifax, CA - June 6-6 2018


● Participates in the 2018 US Blue Tech Trade Mission - France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal Mar 2018


● Exhibits at Oceanology International 2018 - London, UK - Mar 13-15 2018


● Wins 2018 National Marine Manufactures Innovation of the Year Award - Miami Florida - Feb 16 2018


● Exhibits at the Miami International Boat Show - Miami, Florida - Feb 16 - 20 2018


● Wins 50 On Fire From RI American Inno - Providence, RI - Dec 29 2017


● Exhibits at METSTRADE - Amsterdam, NE - Nov 14-16 2017


● Win 2017 Massachusetts Manufacture Of The Year Award - Boston, Mass Oct 28 2017


● PD Launches First Solar Powered Mooring Unit at Impact Labs Exhibition - New Bedford, Mass Oct 23



● Exhibits at SENEDIA 2017 Defense Innovation Days Conference - Newport, RI Aug 28-30 2017


● Exhibits as a Prime Contractor at ANTX 2017 - Newport, RI - Aug 15-16 2017


● PD Launches First Micro-Grid Prototype - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Newport, RI - June 5th 2017


● Exhibits at International Marina and Boatyard Conference - Fort Lauderdale FLA - Jan 2017


● Exhibits at the 2017 Electric and Hybrid Propulsion World Expo - Tampa, FLA - Jan 16-18 2017


● Wins Honorable Mention in the Go-Beyond Challenge Design Competition - Jan 2017


● Exhibits at Defense Conference - Texas (???)


● Wins Innovation Voucher from Commerce RI - Dec 9 2016


● PD Joins The UMASS Dartmouth Center For Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Fall River, Mass - Sept 9



● PD Makes First Public Presentation at The Grand Martine Innovation Conference - Fall River, Mass - April 28 2016


● PD Incorporates - JAN 2016

Blue Isles by PowerDocks Founding Partners


Anthony is Managing Partner of PowerDocks LLC and is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in developing products and systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, Industrial, Commercial, and Renewable Energy Industries.  Anthony holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Roger Williams University and an M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University.  He holds two patents with Tyco International in the field of Electronic Article Surveillance and is also co-inventor in several patent pending renewable energy technologies with PowerDocks.

Anthony is also Managing Principal of E2SOL LLC (www.e2sol.com) , an eight-year-old Renewal Energy Development firm based in Providence R.I. with offices in Fall River, MA and Boca Raton, Florida. Anthony is an active member of the New England Clean Energy Council, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Clean Technologies Sustainable Industries, The Maritime Alliance, Association of Marinas International, Southern New England Defense Industry Association, and is a Stakeholder in Ocean State Clean Cities.   

Anthony, a native Floridian, is an avid sailor and resides with his family in Bristol, R.I.    


Chris Fagan is the co-founder of PowerDocks LLC. He is also the owner of ​the 10 year old​,​ Fagan Design Build Studio a comprehensive creative consulting firm, based in Newport Rhode Island. The primarily focus of the company is providing architectural design and​ construction management services for both residential and commercial clients. The studio also explores a variety of other topics including Set Design; Historic Preservation; Urban Design and Sustainable Technology.

Chris is an alumni of Skidmore College where he earned undergraduate degrees in both Studio Art and Anthropology. He then went on to study architectural drafting at Boston Architectural College. After that, he was awarded a Masters degree in Urban Design and Planning from the City University of New York, City College.

​ ​

Chris served for five years on both the Newport Historic District Commission (HDC) and the Newport Critical Area Review Commission. He has been a professional mentor and guest critic at numerous local design schools including Roger Williams University School of Architecture and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

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